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After fermentation the Savagnin wines spend six years in barrel where they oxidize and develop a bacteria similar to the Flor of Sherry. The end result is a powerful yellow wine of considerable nuttiness and incredible aging potential.

savagnin Savagnin or Savagnin blanc (not to be confused with Sauvignon blanc ) is a variety of white wine grape with green-skinned berries. It is mostly grown in the Jura region of France , where it is made into Savagnin wine or the famous vin jaune and vin de paille .

Finicky, low-yielding grape Savagnin is primarily known for its use in vin jaune. The grape evolved over time to become the primary ingredient in the nutty, idiosyncratic vin jaune, a style of wine made entirely in the Jura region of France.

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Savagnin Little known white grape variety found in the Jura region. In the Jura region, where Savagnin is most typical, it seems to grow best on grey marl soils and ripens slowly.

Albariño and Savagnin, Mencía and Jaen. The most famous Spanish red wine grape of all, Tempranillo, still goes by such names as Tinto Fino, Tinto del País, Tinto de Toro, Cencibel and Ull de Llebre in Spain itself, and in Portugal is known as both Tinta Roriz and Aragónez – very different names.

‘On the basis of its study the plants labelled as Albariño in the CSIRO’s plant collection are actually Savagnin Blanc [also known as Traminer or Savagnin Rose] and will be relabelled as such,’ the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation said when reporting the test results.

Savagnin Rose. Outside of DNA testing and analysis of the wine that both grapes produce, the only noticeable difference is that just prior to veraison the grapes of Savagnin Rose turn almost translucent while the skins of Gewürztraminer grapes are more opaque. The most obvious way to distinguish the two was to compare the type

Sep 06, 2011 · Savagnin: Two Modern Expressions – Arbois, Jura, France. In the glass, the wine was a medium gold color with a very aromatic nose of peaches and apricots, honey, melon, honeysuckle and flowers. On the palate, the wine was medium bodied with high acidity and flavors of lemon, grapefruit, honeysuckle, apricot, ripe apples,

Jean-François is committed to minute doses of sulfur, so low in fact, that many fear it hurting the wines during transport. He curbs this issue entirely by aging many of his whites on the lees for extended periods of time, anywhere from two to eleven years!

Savagnin: typical of the Jura region; it is ideal for for oxidative ageing under a film of yeast known as the voile (veil)- It produces powerful white wines with complex aromas of almonds, walnuts and spices.

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This wine is made entirely from savagnin grapes, matured in barrels for at least 6.5 years without topping off or added sulfite. The wine, left to oxidize, forms a protective covering of natural yeast.

* This Savagnin Ouillé is a standard cuvée still wine of Domaine de la Pinte, which spent 60 months in the barrel before bottling. The history of Savagnin is complicated and …

By this, I mean wines made with the Jura grapes Savagnin or Trousseau, grown outside France and/or wines inspired by Jura’s oxidative methods. Traditionalists in the Jura wine region tend to become very worried by talk of any trend like this – there are even laws to stop other AOC wine regions in France using these grapes.

Savagnin. Savagnin Character istic, small-berried vine of the Jura, responsible most notably for the sherry -like vin jaune (although it can theoretically make up some of the blend of any white Jura wine ). Its apogee is Chã¢teau-Chalon and Savagnin wine is famous for its aroma and ability to age.

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BK Wines Skin n’Bones Savagnin I picked this up from the excellent Good Wine Shop in Chiswick – it’s a Savagnin from Brendon and Kirstyn Keys that spends a month on the skins before going to barrel.

Traditional Jura wines are made in an oxidative style – that is, the contents of the barrels are allowed to run down naturally, Domaine du Pélican, Savagnin Ouillé, Arbois, Jura, 2016 – Decanter Subscribe Now

‘The fascinating Ivresse de Noé (named after the biblical story of the drunkeness of Noah)is a November harvest Savagnin. Because Savagnin has a ha

Winery & Regional Information. With a rich history dating back to 1847, a profound and unique Silesian (German) influence, the Barossa Valley is one of the most famous wine regions of South Australia and, indeed, Australia.

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This cuvee is the classic white wine of Montbourgeau. It is usually bottled after 24 to 30 months of elevage in barrel. Chardonnay is the dominant grape but an occasional Savagnin vine is found within the Chardonnay plantings,

White Wine Savagnin, It’s Everywhere! Savagnin, It’s Everywhere! Ray Isle May 30, 2007 Go figure-it seems to be a Savagnin moment. Not more than a few days after I blogged about my experiences

The Savagnin must is put into barrels, with plenty of room at the top, allowing oxygen to reach the wine. Over a period of years, a layer of yeast grows across the surface of the wine, much like Flor in Sherry, which imparts a distinct nutty character.

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This is my favorite wine of the portfolio, a wine with energy and character. Drink Date: 2018-2022. Score – 92+. (Luis Gutiérrez,, Dec. 29, 2017) Showing the pure varietal profile, the 2016 Arbois Savagnin Ouillé reflects very much the style of Domaine du Pelican – clean, fresh and focused wines.

Savagnin or Savagnin blanc (not to be confused with Sauvignon blanc) is a variety of white wine grape with green-skinned berries. It is mostly grown in the Jura region of France , where it is made into Savagnin wine or the famous vin jaune and vin de paille .

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, 96 points: I had the chance to compare the 2009 Château Chalon with the 2008 and 2006, and I think the 2009 takes the best from the other two years. It seems to keep the freshness of the 2008 and displays the power and roundness of

These are the first single varietal wines made off of this site and in the case of our Savagnin Rose, the first ever varietal wine made in the USA . We hope that you enjoy this unique piece of Oregon’s wine history. Learn More . New Page. Gallery Introduction. New Page. New Page. Old Vines. Gallery. Description. GOLDEN CLUSTER. Tasting Room

The wines are the consistency of a medium bodied red and very striking in character, largely due to extended contact with air when in barrel, giving a savoury, nutty element to the wine. Wine Navigator® Online – Wine and Food pairings for Savagnin (Jura, France)

Arbois Savagnin is a very specific wine with sherry-style flavours. Arbois Savagnin is a biodynamic wine from the Jura in France. Arbois Savagnin is a very specific wine with sherry-style flavours. Arbois Savagnin is a biodynamic wine from the Jura in France. Special offer.

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Orange wine is a bit of a misnomer because it isn’t referring to a wine made with oranges. In fact, orange wine is made with white wine grapes. which both use the oxidative style of winemaking with a rare grape called Savagnin (and sometimes Chardonnay). While these wines use a slightly different winemaking method (pressing off the skins

Cotes du Jura Savagnin 2008 is a deep golden coloured wine with very original bouquet. In the aroma you can find spirit, dried sultans and dried sweet apple notes followed by …

Fresh and floral, this wine’s pale aroma of apples and its scents of raw almonds tumble together in a juicy savagnin that feels beautifully naked and innocent. Decant this if you open it …

Savagnin, also known as Savagnin Blanc is a white wine fruit with green – skinned berries, grown mostly in the Jura region of France. This variety has become synonymous with Vin Jaune, a wine that is subjected to barrel maturation under a natural flor yeast film for many years.

Savagnin, La Maison Carrée From Neuchâtel. Savagnin is from the Jura region but has also made its way to the neighboring Neuchâtel region of Switzerland where it thrives and expresses itself differently. A powerful white wine, full of stone…

The wine’s constituent grape, Savagnin, is a variety that made its entry into numerous Australian vineyards not by deliberate choice, but by an unfortunate case of mistaken identity.

Domaine du Pelican, Savagnin Ouille (Arbois), Other White Wines from France Domaine du Pelican 2015 Savagnin Ouille is 100% Savagnin. The term « Ouille » means « topped up », referring to the wine being closed off from air exposure, a significant difference from traditional Jura…

Feb 16, 2013 · The wine, which exudes power and elegance, is also one of the few wines that can stand up properly to cheese. But the signature variety of the Jura is the white savagnin…

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A distinctive more structured wine than the Chardonnay offering notes of lemon zest, green olive and a hint of manzinilla which betrays its Jura origins, whilst remaining clean and fresh and relatively modern. In order to keep its unique aromatic character this Savagnin is aged in a mixture of large foudres and 500l barrels with no new oak

2013 Domaine Dugois Savagnin Arbois Blanc (Sous Voile) SKU #1325181 92 points Wine Enthusiast . This wine is a great example of a specialty of the Jura: aging wines under a layer of natural yeast.

Vin Jaune (yellow wine) is a unique type of white wine, found nowhere outside of the Jura. Its astonishing bouquet results from the combined conditions in which it is produced: – a subsoil made up of blue, lias marls; – the semi-continental climate of the Jura foothills; – a single variety, Savagnin.

Savagnin is the grape used for the region’s famous Vin Jaune, made from late harvest grapes and vinified somewhat in the manner of Jerez Sherry. The end result is a yellowish, somewhat nutty wine. Savagnin, known locally as Naturé, is also often blended with Chardonnay, known in …

Traditional, the wine completed its fermentation in 600L oak barrels and has been undergoing batonnage (stirring of the lees) through the first 2-3 months but also each week until bottling. Aged for 6 months in a closed demi-muid to prevent oxidation – this is unusual for Savagnin in the Jura.

Domaine de Montbourgeau has produced traditional Jura wines since Victor Gros, the grandfather of current Vigneronne, Nicole Deriaux, first planted the estate’s vineyards in 1920. Nicole’s father, Jean Gros, was responsible for expanding the domaine once he acceded to the head of the family in 1956.

Arbois is an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée for wines made in the Jura wine region of France, around the town of Arbois. Red and rosé wines can be produced from Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir grapes, and white wines from Chardonnay and Savagnin.