Russian Potato Vodka Brands 10 Best Luxury Vodka Brands From Around the World

Chase Vodka – Potato Vodka From the U.K. Chase is also part of the flavored vodka market and produces Marmalade, Oak Smoked, Naked Chase Apple Vodka and Rhubarb vodkas. The distillery produces Williams Gin and a line of fruit liqueurs (raspberry, elderflower, and blackcurrant) as well.

From Grey Goose Martini’s to Russian Standard; we’ve rounded up the top 10 vodkas on the market right now to wet your whistle. For many, vodka is either tasteless or the ultimate taste of regret we’d rather forget, but these days you can get a wide variety of different vodkas to cater to your palate and even dietary requirements.

Top 10 Potato Vodkas A Journey Back To Vodka’s Roots As we’ve discussed in past posts, one of the reasons vodka is so versatile is because you can distill it from pretty much anything. One of the oldest of these ingredients was the humble potato.

That being said, potato vodka is most popular in Eastern Europe, so the association of vodka and five potato vodkas hailing from all over the globe. Chopin Potato Vodka. The world’s most awarded potato vodka comes from Poland, specifically from Chopin Vodka. With an extremely smooth finish (Chopin claims it has no burn), this vodka can be mixed or sipped neat.

Although most vodka comes from fermented grains like wheat, rye or barley, potato vodka has a rich tradition, particularly in Poland. This potent spirit resembles grain vodka in most respects, but there are a few important differences. The distilling processes for grain and potato vodka are very similar.

Vodka – like whisky, rum and brandy – is a staple for anyone who wants to take their home bar seriously. These are the world’s best vodka brands.

Gluten-Free Vodka Brands. Be aware it’s made in a facility that also makes a wheat-based vodka (actually, it’s the same facility that makes Blue Ice vodkas). Grand Teton vodka. This potato-based vodka is made from Idaho potatoes in Idaho, in the Grand Teton …

Vodka History. The word Vodka translates to ‘Little Water’ in both Russian and Polish (водка/ wódka). Not surprising since its origin is claimed by both countries. Documents dating back more than a thousand years in the Eastern European region known as the ‘Vodka Belt’ reference its …

With more and more vodka brands using organic ingredients, alternative grains, and sustainable or fair-trade practices, 2019 is an exciting time to get into vodka. Here are our current favorite vodka brands to sip this season — whether it be mixed in a Moscow Mule or a martini.

Perhaps the most authentically “Russian-looking” vodka on our list, Moskovskaya dates back to the times of the former Russian Empire, and is in fact one of the oldest Russian vodka brands.

It’s the smoothest vodka we tried, with a slight oiliness (specific to potato vodkas) that cut beautifully against the briny funk of black caviar and held its own against the thickest black

1) Billionaire Vodka: This is one of the most expensive vodka drinks as the price is above $3.7 million. The bottle is covered in sparkling diamonds and Swarovski. The distillation process is confidential.

ProductionEdit. Vodka may be distilled from any starch – or sugar -rich plant matter; most vodka today is produced from grains such as sorghum, corn, rye or wheat. Among grain vodkas, rye and wheat vodkas are generally considered superior. Some vodkas are …

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The Top Vodka Brands. If you take your vodka seriously, you’ve come to the right place. this spirit is the world’s first premium English potato vodka. Born in 1998, Russian Standard Vodka immediately changed the way Russians and others in the former Soviet Union perceive their most famous export.

To help you choose what the best vodka is for your personal tastes, we have created a ranking divided up into a number of sub-categories: Best Russian Vodka, Best Flavored Vodka, Best Potato Vodka, and Best Cheap Vodka.

Ustianochka vodka is distilled in Northern Russian from the nation’s purest mineral water. Grains from nearby fields are combined with the mineral water and the vodka is created with the “wooden paddle” technique, by hand, giving it it’s unique and pure taste.

Most Expensive Vodkas in the World. August 11, 2012. There are some most expensive vodka brands throughout the World which differ from the rest Vodka types by high price. Mostly the price depends on the raw materials the Vodka is produced even it might be the bottle design or brand itself which is well-known for everyone, sometimes the process

The Swedes clearly prefer to keep it simple, as their other ingredient sometimes utilized is potatoes. Russian Vodka. However, many producers still use potatoes in their recipes and there are plenty of popular potato vodka brands on the market from all over the world.

For instance,, after holding a blind tasting of 27 imported vodkas with 15 pre-qualified judges, has the following ten at the top of the fifty best vodka brands in the world: Purity, Belvedere, Ozone, Punzone, Silver Lake, North Sea, Spud, Slovenia, Kozuba & Sons, and Russian Standard.

Woody Creek’s flagship label, Colorado Potato Vodka, is already pretty special, employing as it does the Rio Grande, a special breed of high-altitude potato that is perfectly suited for growing

Today Polish vodka is defined as one produced exclusively in Poland, from potatoes or traditional cereals: rye, wheat, barley, oats and triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye grown in Eastern Europe). So on to the tasting of the main five brands of Polish vodka.

As a Russian vodka connoisseur I must attest to the smoothness and refine taste of Luksusowa potato vodka. It is the finest potato distilled vodka I’ve tried to date, and I’ve tried a few, including some of the Scandinavian ones.

Although the word “vodka” is a diminutive of the Slavic term for “water,” the spirit has emerged from its somewhat brooding Eastern European background, where it was distilled from Russian potatoes, to enjoy a renaissance as a cosmopolitan mixer for stylish cocktails including the vodka martini, screwdriver and bloody Mary.

5 Must Try Polish Vodkas. Göksel Yeşilkaya. June 13, 2017. It’s one of the few vodka distilled from potatoes. Baczewski is distilled based on a traditional formula. You will be surprised by its smoothness and distinctive taste. 5-Dębowa: Dębowa literally means Oak Vodka. It’s a herbal spirit based on Black Elderflower and Oakwood.

5. Bakon Vodka. Much as we love the Idaho terroir of the Russet potato-based Bakon Vodka, we prefer our bacon in chewable, fat-laden form.Still, the savory side to this flavored vodka does have

A to Z Vodka Brands A full A to Z list of all of our vodka brands A to Z OF Cognac Armagnac Gin Jenever Rum Vodka Tequila Liqueurs Bitters Vermouth / Aperitif Other Spirits

But don’t despair: There are plenty of other safe vodkas out there distilled from gluten-free sources, including grapes, potatoes, and corn. On this particular list, we avoided making any judgements about which gluten-free vodka brands taste best or are the best in terms of how they are made.

For the vodka expert, it can be an countless pursuit to discover and taste all of them and recognize the best. Vodka is versatile, and can be deliciously paired with a variety fruit juices, or enjoyed on its own, neat or straight up. Top 5 best Vodka drink are: Smirnoss: It is a Russian brand.

True, vodka can be made from potatoes (as it can be made from anything containing enough calories), but it’s usually far inferior to vodka made from wheat — which is, in fact, the « real Russian vodka, » and potato vodka is generally considered to be cheap swill suited for hobos.

Russian Standard Original Vodka from run-of-the-mill varieties to super-premium vodkas. Potato versus wheat, French versus Swedish, frosted glass versus rustic milk-bottle-style–there are

If so you should learn more about the best brands of Russian vodka. This drink will not only help you stay warm during the winter months, but with the right appetizers will become a part of an

The best vodka brands can also be used maize, sorghum, molasses, soybean, grape, rice or sugar, but is known to be high-quality vodka produced from rye, wheat or potatoes. Vodka is still not internationally standardized drinks, although they maintain a certain tacit rules.

Although when we mention potato vodka, we usually speak of either Polish or Russian potato vodka, other countries also produce some fine beverages. One of those is the United States, whose Distilled Resources, Inc. distillery produces Blue Ice Vodka, which is currently the only brand of potato vodka produced in the United States.

Over the years, there’s been a lot of talk about how Russian vodka is more or less over, eclipsed by superior Western brands, many of which are often made by people whose families left Russia because of wars, pogroms, or, you know, Communism.

Potato Vodka / Moonshine: I had a go at making Potato Vodka, I have heard of it being made before in Russia and Poland and there are various recipes out there for it. For this one I picked the most basic recipe I could find out there.Now this one was a learning curve for m

This Texas-based vodka brand exploded onto the market in 1997 and has since earned cred with both pro and home bartenders alike. vodka made from potatoes. Almost buttery on the palate with flavors of lemon peel, wet stone, fennel and mashed potatoes, this vodka is exceptional in a Vodka Martini. When stirred with a lemon twist, the classic

Arbikie Potato Vodka, 43%: £41.88 for 700ml, Master of Malt There’s something slightly savoury about this Russian vodka, which is made with water drawn from the Siberian bedrock, and triple

Sep 07, 2012 · This here is a vodka appreciation thread. Name your favorite brands, and favorite drinks made with the ever wonderful russian potato water. Off the top of my head for brands: Pearl, Stolichnaya, Vox Drinks: Raspberry vodka w/ cranberry juice …

It was neutral enough that it wouldn’t shock someone who’s used to one of the classic Russian or Polish brands, but the floral notes elevated cocktails that were usually made with those old-school guys (keep in mind that the cosmopolitan era was in full swing). Tito’s Vodka is a corn-based spirit made by the premier craft distillery

A quick guide to the most popular vodka brands. and how much truth there is to that whole potato thing A major Russian vodka brand founded in the late ‘90s, Russian Standard is sold in over 80 countries and is one of the biggest producers in the world. Its distinct bottles – with Russian wording – make it stand out on the shelf.

Sep 04, 2015 · For this list, we’ve scoured the globe and narrowed our choices to brands of vodka based on what’s considered the best tasting, bestselling …

That said if you are just looking for a neutral spirit to mix it works. I’ve been buying some polish brand cant remember the name it’s like $30 for a handle and tastes pretty good. I’ve gone through a shit ton of russian, european, central asian, and american vodkas both potato and grain. Tito’s has always been a solid vodka. It’s not like


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Luksusowa Vodka (Polish for « luxury ») is produced by the formerly-nationalized Polish distillery Polmos (they also make Snow Leopard Vodka, among others). It’s made from a 100% Polish potato mash, which is actually something of a rarity these days, and many vodka aficionados view it as a premium ingredient.

Stolichnaya Elit – Top 10 Popular Vodka Brand. It is one of the popular and awarded Russian Vodkas which is made by rye grain and wheat. Stolichnaya Elit represents brand sub-category which is utterly popular all over the world. 5. Absolut vodka ($15-35) 1879, Sweden. This is the famous and wide spread brand and has specific taste of flavors.

Corbin California Estate Grown Sweet Potato Vodka. United States . Crater Lake 2 * * * * *

List of vodkas. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Vodka This is a list of brands of vodka. Brand Country Base. 1. Cooranbong Australia Grape. 2. Monopolowa Austria Potato. 3. Finlandia Finland Barley. 4.

Sector 001 (242) Rating: 4.2 (2018-01-17) I am not the biggest consumer of vodka, but I know a great tasting vodka needed for black/white Russians. Luksusowa is a great potato vodka, and what I use when making white Russians.

Stolichnaya (Russian: Столичная, also known as Stoli) is a vodka made of wheat and rye grain. A well-known Soviet brand, the ownership of Stolichnaya is disputed since the dissolution of the Soviet Union between Russian state-owned company FKP Soyuzplodimport and SPI Group, a private company founded and owned by Russian …